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Old in the Hundreds

Old Mine Cut

Full-cut brilliants (cutter's lingo: "triple cuts"), with the same number of facets as a modern round brilliant, first appeared at the end of the 17th century. Most Old Mine Cuts -and its later variations one can find, were cut between 1800 and the 1890s. They can have any outline, as the natural rough shape was often followed. Large or very large culets are typical just as tall crowns and deep pavilions.

Between 1800s and 1890s
Likely Holland, Antwerp, London
Other Names
Old Miner, Mine Cut.
Peruzzi Cut, Lisbon Cut, Brazilian Cut
Large pops of light from the larger crown facets and a wonderful prismatic flower scintillates from the pavilion. 
Also a very unique Kozibe: a light show unique to oldies where intensely contrasting reflections of the culet repeat throughout the top view...
Think: Disco Ball!

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