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Mine-to-Maker Gems

Specific Origin, Known Source.

Our Mine-to-maker offerings are gems purchased directly from small scale mining operators.  Their sourcing, cutting and processing are specific in origin. Unlike many other gemstones, these goods do not change hands in the trade more than twice nor travel many countries before finding their way to you, the jewel maker.

Traceability & Accountability

This short pipeline facilitates in informing value or impacts on the environment, people and communities. Our sourcing focuses right now in alluvial deposits of sapphires from Montana and Australia.

We procure the cutting and polishing via direct relationships with manufacturing outfits where conditions satisfy the following requirements:

Labor participants (cutters, polishers, sorters and clerks) are:
  • of acceptable age to work in their specific task,
  • paid a fair wage,
  • offered equal opportunity to earn, learn and train,
  • not discriminated against on the basis of their age, gender identity, religion or race,
  • hired at free-will and employed without coercion.

Workshop and venue are:

  • Adequately ventilated, lit and accessible,
  • Properly maintained and sanitized,
  • Established and managed by locally commonly accepted traditions and practice.

We have been able to verify personally these conditions in one venue in Bangkok, Thailand and are working on adding more in the near future.  We are also actively measuring the conditions of other venues  (whenever possible), for materials for which cutting has been hired by the miner we purchase from.  

We can inform you on a piece by piece basis!

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