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Core Understanding

Recycled vs Post-Consumer Recycled

Precious Gems and metals are materials that can be perpetually recycled.  Metals can be re-worked and re-shaped with minimal content loss over and over.  Gems in the entire hardness spectrum can be repeatedly worked and polished to refurbish them anew, forever!
This recycling 'quality' invites us to rethink the need to source these materials solely from new mining.  The jewelry industry should be able to sustain its material procurement entirely on what has already circulated in our consuming societies for hundreds of years.
For example, it's very likely that you or someone you know has -inadvertently triggered gold recycling simply from selling unused jewelry, discarding electronics or even by removing dental fillings! Your neighborhood jeweler can liquidate unsold inventory -both in components and finished form, sell it to trade for cash and effectively recycle them into new manufacturing.
We focus our gem sourcing specifically in jewelry previously owned and worn by the consuming public, therefore the name: post-consumer recycled.  These materials have already incurred a cost in their environmental footprint as a primary commodity from a non-renewable + extractive industry.  The older the jewelry and its gems, the better for its recycling and environmental value as it re-enters the trade.
As defined by
Recycled: A term applied to metals and gemstones purchased or used by consumers (post-consumer), or are a byproduct of manufacturing (pre-consumer) or finished goods that were never in circulation (pre-consumer) that are reused in the manufacturing of new products. Bullion containing any non-recycled metal or manufacturing byproduct reintroduced back into the same production line are not recycled.

Behind the Scenes

How we Buy

Where do you find your gems? Do you destroy jewelry in your pursuits? What length of 'wear time' qualifies a jewelry piece to be post-consumer?  We are often asked all these questions... and we love telling!

Treasure Hunting

When and Where

Mostly since (and as a consequence of) the financial troubles of 2009, the US has seen a booming estate market as many consumers cash in on "unwanted" valuables and jewelry.  Multiples of small-to-medium size auction houses continue to see private jewelry collections and estates fill their catalogs.

Simultaneously, brick-and-mortar retailers, pawn shops and jewelry centers (like NYC's diamond district) are a 'catch-all' for jewelry trade-ins and not-for-me hand-me-downs (i.e Nana's potpourri equestrian brooch).

Only the Fun Stuff

From Newbies to Oldies. Oh yeah, lots of Oldies!

We come across opportunities to buy from all the above sources and from the kind referral of friends and clients, every day.  We like contemporary pieces but LOVE antique jewelry.  Early makers were masters of their art so whenever possible we rescue finely crafted jewelry: re-hab those edges and tips and re-fine small details while honoring their original glam, with the promise of another 100 years of love. (See our Jewelry section).

We ache in joy to find unedited oldies that show us a sense of the past:  Antique Peruzzi Cuts in their second/third home,  Asscher cuts mingling with french cuts and carre cuts in a Deco brooch...  Rose, Mazarin, Dutch and table cuts... Empress, Duchess, Baroness and go-ahead-and-guess cuts.  Worn, torn, loved, neglected and revisited.  Stacked, mixed, converted and re-sized.  Only and until then, your 'consumed' jewelry piece can be considered post-consumer for our sourcing purposes.  Antique, vintage, pre-war, post-war...  Georgian, Edwardian, Deco and Retro:  we love your historical context and eye-informed performance cuts!

Post-Consumer Recycled

What does this specific offering mean to you?

We strive to learn, collect and document the age and provenance of every gem we source.  Much of the historical context and distinct cuts in our inventory are unique in the narrative you can provide to help differentiate your product and highlight your efforts in procuring responsibly sourced gems. 

Your next custom work will likely require to have much more information beyond quality and price.  Let's do this!

We are the only US company to have earned a consecutive yearly certification against SCS' standard for Responsible Source to the Trade which guarantees audited transparent and ethical business practices, since 2015.  We aim towards increased transparency for our industry and we hope that by means of our robust sourcing information, we create an informed point of origin for you, your customer and beyond.

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