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The stuff of crowns and queens

Antique Cushion

Old Cushions have the proportions and better symmetry we associate with 'later' Old Europeans, but with a distinctly cushion outline.  A similar approach to the Old Mine Cut, as they follow the contour of the rough but more harmoniously and symmetrically shaped.
Bruting, a diamond-to-diamond friction technique, was finely used to achieve equivalent rounded corners. 
True Antique Cushions are considerably rarer than Old Europeans.

Generally 1890-1930s
Likely Holland, Antwerp, London
Other Names
Elongated Cushion
Large pops of light from the larger crown facets and a wonderful prismatic flower scintillates from the pavilion. Elongated versions of this cut get very interesting as the pavilion facets create different light patterns when traveling end-to-end.

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